about me

I am a freelance educational writer with 20+ years of expertise developing educational content, primarily K-2 science and social studies. It is by far my favorite gig. I have been fortunate to work dozens of programs for major publishers including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Macmillan, McGraw-Hill, Mtelegence Corporation, and TCI. My most recent project for TCI’s Bring Science Alive! included creating phenomena-based lesson content, videos, and teacher support designed for NGSS.

I am also the Director of Strategic Communications for InternBoston, a Boston-metro internship placement firm. I have created student resources such as Preparing for Your Internship Interview, Professional Attire for Interns, Creating an Elevator Pitch, and ebook How to Make Your Resume Pop – Tips for Writing High School and College Resumes.

Additionally, I manage the Oral History Project at Massasoit Community College. You can see my work on the Massasoit Oral History Project website, which I designed.

I am currently concentrating on writing and finessing my YA, middle grade, and picture book manuscripts with the goal of being published in the trade marketplace. I have a B.A. in English (with a writing concentration) from Michigan State University. I belong to SCBWI and NE SCBWI.

I live in Massachusetts with my high-school sweetheart husband, my funny, creative daughter, and our two cats Rocco and Boo.

A few random things about me:

  • I love to cook but have never used a grill.
  • LOVED “Lost in Space” as a kid and then got to meet Bill Mumy and Angela Cartwright last year. Super cool.
  • I am a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fan because I think regular girls doing regular things in regular life should also sometimes be superheroes.
  • NOT a fan of yellow jackets and wasps. They are jerks. I’ve mastered several styles of “bee dance” in an attempt to flee said jerks.
  • I started a diary when I was 13 and wrote in it every night. My entire teenage life is at my fingertips and is a gold mine when I am working on my YA novel.
  • I can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order (which sometimes comes in handy during Jeopardy or when I’m trying to impress a 7-year-old).
  • Candy loves: Jelly Beans, Good ‘n Plenty, and Peeps (only yellow chicks, though).